Bestform Intimates

True to its name, Bestform Intimates offers the best in bras and underwear for everyday worry-free comfort and style. Every satisfied female customer defines its three collection zones of intimate apparels namely: everyday Comfort Zone, everyday Style Zone and Sport Zone as those that highlight fit and form. Bestform Intimates continually develops its product lines […]

Choosing Your Stocking

Stocking is something a woman wore on their leg to look more seductive mostly on occasions or when they go to work. Although some women need not to wear them but mostly do because it makes them feel more feminine, more confident and more comfortable showing a part of their body especially when they need […]

Exotic Lingerie for Honeymoon

The day comes for your honeymoon night. Have you prepared for that exotic lingerie of yours that your husband surely cannot resist? Wedding night should be a memorable, exciting, and wonderful experience for both newlyweds. Women cannot afford to ruin their night by bringing the wrong lingerie, which can be boring, pale, and uninteresting. Exotic […]

The Lingerie You Wear Matters

Lingerie is defined as a fashionable undergarment that women wear. According to the English dictionary, though, these do not include the made-in-cotton undergarments commonly worn. A woman’s choice of lingerie is believed to be affected by how she feels and is also reflective of what she is as a person. There is one underlying reason […]

Bali Intimates

For many women, looking good is a priority. Apart from beauty rituals, women also wear all sorts of things to look and feel attractive. One of these is the famous lingerie. Lingerie is considered the most intimate clothing of women. This is because no other apparel captures the essence of femininity more than a piece […]

The Lowdown On Push-Up Bras

Blessed are the women born during the time of discovery of push up bras.  It was always a woman’s despair to have no breast to show off to augment one’s asset as a woman.  Only very few have been lucky to be endowed with the beauty of a full breast that would enable one to […]

Satin Lingerie

When it comes to lingerie, texture is very important. There are some who prefer cotton, others leather, while some silk and satin lingerie. It really matters what women would want to go for. Do they want something rough or something smooth? Prior to going to the boutique, where women want to buy their lingerie, it […]

Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie shopping may be an embarrassing activity for some people. Since lingerie is a very intimate and very private part of an individual’s wardrobe, there may be people who are embarrassed with the experience of lingerie shopping. Fear no more, with the following tips on lingerie shopping, you need never fear it again. In fact, […]

The Return of the Bustier

If you’ve watched the Titanic or any movie set in the late nineteenth century, you would have noticed that their cleavage seems to be more defined and deeper. If you watched such movies more closely, you would also notice that the women in the movie wore undergarments. Whatever they wore, it sure worked, the women […]

Women’s Sexy Lingerie

A notable aspect of women’s panties is the attraction it holds for the opposite sex who are almost always obsessed with trying to get into them. Women’s bodies are somehow thought of as being slightly less than pristine clean, which is an end result of thinking in which the woman is both glorified as a […]

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