Basic Lingerie : Panties

Panties are the most basic type of lingerie. Sometimes panties are otherwise known as knickers in the United Kingdom. Panties are very light and are worn by women as their basic undergarment to cover their genitals. The basic panty is composed of a waistband which is normally an elastic material like garter. There is the […]

Sexy Wedding Gown

Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty have something in common besides being beautiful. Each of them had her own gown! A fairy tale is not complete without a princess with her gown and a prince charming waiting to give her everything and to fight for her against witches and dragons if needed. The beauty […]

Function of the Bra

There has been a very long debate going on regarding the role of bra underwear in women. One side says that bra lingerie plays an important role in supporting breasts. They say that if you do not wear bras then there will be greater chances that your breasts will sag or droop earlier than normal. […]

The Corsets

The corset lingerie is the predecessor of the modern day bra. A corset is basically an undergarment that is used to shape a woman’s torso to fit the ideal aesthetic shape of a woman. Some men wear corsets but mainly for medical reasons. This is used to straighten the back. Nowadays, the corset has evolved […]

Sunday Best Dress

Most people would say that you should dress up in your Sunday best if you go to a party or you go to a formal gathering. Well, the concept of a Sunday-best dress seems to have gone with the ages. Today, most people would use any kind of clothing that they like wearing on Sundays. […]

Move Freely With Racerback Bras

There are different kinds of bras today that will fit your needs. Lingerie companies have created different designs that will match your clothing and the activity you want to go through. It is very important to know what type bra is needed for a specific clothing and for a specific activity. This, in order for […]

Babydolls For The Sexy Yet Innocent

People often hear the term “nightgowns” or “nightwear” from women who love to wear lingerie. Nightgowns are usually loose forms of dresses designed to be worn in bed by women. The length of a night gown varies from hip length to floor length but it’s typically knee length. Those that are of hip length are […]

The Wonders of Strapless Bras

The innovation of the bra has been based on how the trends of clothes have been changing in style for the past few decades. In relation to these artistic designs of clothes, companies and manufacturers developed a kind of undergarment that will match especially the needs of females all around the globe. Since sleeveless, strapless […]

Choosing Your Wacoal Bra

The bra is a woman’s undergarment worn to support the breast. It has been very useful for ladies in many aspects most specifically before wearing any top. A bra helps to create a good shape of a woman’s breast. This depends, of course, on the type of bra you use. There are different kinds of […]

Wolford Lingerie

Don’t you just love being a woman?  Shopping for lingerie and hosiery has never been this fun and thrilling until Wolford comes along.  Wolford gets endless praise and heart-warming feedbacks because of its outstanding line of products.  Over the years, it has successfully made its mark as the leading provider of women’s underwear because of […]

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