Arousing Lingerie Sets

There are many different kinds of lingerie sets available these days. Which one you prefer would depend on what type of person you are. They are all extremely sexy and sassy, some even way too revealing! The four-piece fishnet set is wonderfully arousing; it includes a micro miniskirt, off the shoulder crop top, stockings and […]

Adolescents and Lingerie

With the way our society works nowadays, sex has become popularized through all the movies, television shows and billboard ads that constantly pound the message of sex through our brains. Additionally through biological evolution and maybe even in response to sociological pressure, young girls are reaching puberty at progressively younger ages. What this translates to […]

Erotic Body Stockings

Body stockings are a great way to show off your body, tease and taunt your partner. Not in a way that you could walk around in the street with it on, but around the house when you and your partner are feeling creative. Body stockings are a great way to get the mood going and […]

Hosting a Lingerie Party

Lingerie can be a beautiful thing and most women would tend to agree with that statement. Women in general don’t mind buying lingerie and many of them own at least one set of either very high quality or else very sexy lingerie. Most women like to let their hair down and have a little fun […]

Lingerie Accessories

When you decide to buy lingerie you will be looking at the most sexy, pretty or seductive ones for you to impress your partner. But what if you want to wear something that you love, but it doesn’t look that great on you? Or what if you buy something for under your evening dress and […]

All About Lingerie

Lingerie has been around for a very long time and it is a term used for women’s undergarments. It is a French word, designed to be sexy and erotic using mostly materials like silk, lace and satin. I don’t think it has ever failed us! Lingerie provides for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. […]

Lingerie Gifts

When it is a special occasion like a sweetheart’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, or even Christmas or New Year, one of the most popular gifts between lovers is lingerie. Men love buying their partner’s sexy lingerie that they hope to see them in. Some of the best lingerie gifts can be found online. Aside from the […]

Top Lingerie Choices

If you are looking for a pretty, comfortable, and sexy piece of lingerie then there are many choices that are waiting. Once you decide your (or partner’s) body type and size, what style you like, and what color you like the best, you can begin you hunt for the best item of lingerie. To help […]


Do you ever wonder why superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman and other superheroes in tights sporting their underwear on top of their leggings rather underneath? At first glance, you might say they look funny, but they’re out there saving the world from the bad guys. While doing so, they let people look at them with […]

Swimsuits & Bikinis

You can be sure that trends in bikinis are now moving towards providing the masses a means of showing off their bodies the next time they place a dainty toe into the water. No doubt, Hollywood movies have done their bit in popularizing the bikini, and more and more women are considering the bikini to […]

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