Agent Provocateur Designer Lingerie Brand

Agent Provocateur is a lingerie brand that is well known in the United Kingdom. The company has stores in thirteen countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and Canada. Their first shop was opened in London at Broadwick Street in 1994. Agent Provocateur has been known […]

Fashionable & Classy Corsets

A corset is much more than just a feminine wear. In fact, its very concept, apparently, was born in the mind with a trendy inclination. Naturally, it is a garment that became an instant hit with fashion conscious women. The strength of a corset is its very design, which clearly enhances the curvy feminine structure. […]

Tips to Find a Corset for Your Prom Evening

There cannot be a better occasion than a Prom evening for you to wear a corset. That is an evening of high spirits and you have to present yourself in the best possible outfit. If you really want to catch the eyes of the gathering, a corset is a great help. There are special kinds […]

Raging Trends in Swimwear

The swimwear is no more the same, what with new styles, colors, cuts and prints giving you the choice to decide what you wear. With the freedom of mix and match, you become the creator of your own style. You also have a choice of ready to wear suits in modest to extreme versions. To […]

Allumette Lingerie

Allumette designer lingerie is a legendary accomplishment. It is worth knowing who made this possible. Simone Pérèle of de Montyon in Paris was the daughter of a well known corset maker. Having watched her father’s business for decades, she had attained a perfect understanding of a woman’s body, its movements, looks and grace. She visualized […]

Tankinis The Best Choice for Teenage Girls

Many reasons make the tankinis one of the best swimsuits for teenagers. The main reason is the fashion angle of it. The tankinis with the advantage of a two-piece outfit clubbed with the coverage that one can get with an one-piece bikini wins easily on other designs. The combination of the top and bottom pieces […]

Plus Size Swimwear

Swimwear shopping for big sized women is usually more complex than for the women with average body. This hassle has discouraged many big build women from going to the beach and enjoying their time under the sun. However, now things have eased up quite a bit. The range of plus size swimwear available in the […]


The swimsuit, as the name suggests, is an exclusively designed apparel to meet the functionality in comfort with an aura of fashion to it. It comes in many designs and clothing to suit the varying body structures of the wearers. They come in a spectrum colors, ranging from dull to bright, light to dark. They […]


Water sports like surfing and body boarding are very popular and attracting many more, particularly in the Pacific region. This article is about the surf wear, the most essential body protection wear needed in such activities. The Pacific sea has the draw back of lower temperature, peaking at around 70 degrees, that is less by […]


Monokinis are nothing new, although the designers have made it look like a new outfit. Born in 1964, its creator Rudi Gernereich, an Austrian-American designer, invited the wrath of the orthodox society for his sin. What else can be expected of a conservative society of 1960’s? For, this was an outfit called a swimwear, having […]

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