Muslim Swimwear

The modern Muslim woman, until recently had tough time going swimming, due to non-availability of a swimsuit that met with the strict religious laws for women on what and what not to wear. The Muslim laws take an extremely stringent in the matter of female attire, especially concerned about the exposure of skin. Addressing this […]

Mastectomy Swimwear

With the summer time arriving, it is time for people to equip themselves with all necessary paraphernalia to spend time on the beach, at the lakes or the pools, throwing their bodies for sun-kiss sessions. While most women will be enthusiastic about this, women with a mastectomy experience, this will be a time to ponder. […]

Micro Bikini

The two-piece bikini that appeared to the dismay of the highly orthodox society of the 60’s, has since come a long way to the micros and nanos of today. Perhaps, the only apparel considered as grown by shrinking the material content in its making. When it arrived on the scene, it covered a fair amount […]

Maternity Swimwear

Women in pregnancy undergo drastic physical changes until delivery of the child. No doubt, this one occasion, mother nature blesses the lady with a fantastic beauty radiating an aura of warmth during. This also poses problems for those, who wish to continue the swimming activity even during pregnancy in choosing a suitable swimwear. Ultimately, whatever […]

Leather Bikini

By now, you must be tired of wearing bikinis made of imitation leather. Now, real leather bikinis, unimaginable a few years ago, have arrived in the market. The ever-evolving technology has made it possible to give a go by to cheap imitation leather and enjoy real leather bikinis. However, the cost factor is a big […]

Plus Size Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits

Recently a variety of plus range chlorine resistant swimwear have been brought out by many makers. Some of them are exclusively designed for professional swimmers, surfers and snorkeling enthusiasts. It performs equally well as work out wear giving you a multi-purpose outfit. A couple of brand names to quote are AquaSport and Junonia. Some of […]

Bra Sale

In this era of online shopping, one can buy almost every thing sitting in the comfort of one’s home. Naturally, buying a bra is no exception. There are numerous online shops for bras. Of these, the Victoria’s Secret and La Senza are fairly well known. Although the pricing of bras are a little on the […]

Brazilian Bikinis

Choosing the right size of bikini is not as simple as we think, for, a given number and make of a bikini, the size vary from one country to another like all other apparels. Except in the case of string type other types pose the fitting problems. For example, the Brazilian bikini sizes are much […]

Bathing Suits

Bathing suits, as we see them today, are the variants of the original bikini that was born in late 1940s. Ever since its birth, the bikini kept growing (or shrinking?) into several variants – each time each piece of bikini taking less cloth than the earlier version. Although the bikinis talked about here are worn […]

From Bikini to Monokini

The Bikini, the popular modern female wear, has been around for a fairly long time. It has grown (rather shrunk) over the last six decades, since it was first conceived and designed in 1946. However, interestingly, similar female wear is understood to have existed as far back as 3500 year ago, in the Minon wall […]

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