Choosing Bridal Lingerie

Walking down the aisle on the special day requires being well supported which means not neglecting to take adequate care in choosing the right bridal lingerie. The items of underwear is vital to how the bride feels and acts on the wedding day, and is a means to look fabulous that should not be passed […]

Fashion Forms

Women today have very different lingerie needs than before. Gone were the days when intimate apparel means bulky petticoats and tight corsets. As modern women find themselves juggling several things at once, the need for intimate apparel that is both functional and feminine has increased over the past few years. Fortunately for women, there is […]

Vollers Corsets

Corsets were first worn by women in the 2nd Millenium BC. Cretans of the Minoan Bronze Age wore them as an outer garment with the purpose of tightening the torso and pushing up their breast to improve their body shape. It is believed that Minoan men also used them. Nowadays, corsets are still being worn […]

Wearing Corsets

One type of lingerie that has been around for hundreds of years is the corset. The first types of corsets were made in the fifteen hundreds or in the early sixteenth century. At first, it was a simple bodice that was stiffened by whalebone. In the eighteenth century, more whalebone was being used. During the […]

Chantalle Lingerie

The France men and women certainly know how to dress well, and the names and reputations of leading French fashion houses and designers are almost legendary. Chantelle Lingerie is perhaps one the biggest things in lingerie, and it is not only famous in France, but also in the rest of the world. However, Chantelle Lingerie […]

Sloggi Underwear

The products included in the Sloggi underwear collection offer comfort and style fit for people of all ages, men and women, boys and girls. Everybody loves the feel and style of the bras, hosiery, panties and thongs for women. Men, on the other hand, love the various boxers, briefs, trunks, hipsters and a lot more. […]

Felina Lingerie

When one speaks of lingerie, the thing that immediately comes to a person’s mind is a sexy and seductive piece of woman’s clothing. The truth is that the term lingerie is a French word that refers to women’s undergarments. It is often associated with intimacy, sensuality, and excitement. For this reason, lingerie is widely considered […]

Sexy Bras

Working out and spending some time in the gym in order to get a stunning body shape is one of the main priorities of women. This body exercises and activities that women have are all worth it, especially if they can confidently get into their sexy bras that they have long kept in their closets. […]

Shirley of Hollywood

Shirley of Hollywood has much to offer for its customers as it has the very latest in art design and the best of sewing facilities anywhere in the United States and abroad. The fabrications are special and the company has earned a well deserved reputation for being among the best in intimate apparel as a […]

Victorian Corsets

Victorian corsets were items of underwear that every woman wore beneath her flowing gowns, and was most widely used around the eighteenth century. It was instrumental in giving women of that era better shape to their bodies. The body with the corset looked much like a cone that not only lifted up the bosom, but […]

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