Choosing The Bridal Lingerie

Choosing the bridal lingerie items can provide occasion for the bride to indulge in her fantasies and bridal lingerie can be anything that the bride desires which makes choosing the best items a journey that is full of wonderment and excitement. It can be quite stressing finding a proper bridal lingerie shop where you can […]

Bra Sizes

Women are built in different ways. Some women are tall while some are short. Some women are slim while others are a bit chubby. Women’s breasts are also of different shapes and sizes. In order to get the perfect bra lingerie for a woman, you’ll have to understand the measurement systems used in bras. Measurement […]

What color of lingerie suits a woman most?

Women usually are very clear in their minds regarding the type of lingerie they wish to wear, and know their size, but may be rather uncertain about which color suits them best. Knowing a color that shows her off to best effect is not as simple as choosing just a favorite color. It should be […]

Pure Style Girlfriends Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bras by Pure Style Girlfriends are bestsellers in the lingerie industry. The Perks bra and Gather the Girls have unique designs and features which make them a favorite among fashionable women. The quirky names add a dash of mischief which goes to say that along with the bra’s functions, women also get ultimate style. […]

Adhesives & Bras

Adhesives and shapers are backless and strapless bras. They are another name for adhesive bras and they are known to enhance the curves of a woman. The concave shaped cups blend with the curves of your bust and the outer portion defines the natural shape of your chest. Victoria’s Secret adhesives and shapers are trendy […]

Lingerie That Can Fit All Sizes

Everything from underwear to delicate garments like slips, camisoles, as well as peignoir sets can be considered to be lingerie. The mere mention of the word lingerie generally conjures up images of sexy items and plus size lingerie is no exception. The sensuality of lingerie is much loved by women and especially full figured women […]

Lingerie & Women

Lingerie is something that every woman loves to own and there is bound to be a special set that every woman buys to look and feel more beautiful. Lingerie that is shapely as well as well designed will help make a woman look more appealing and will add a sense of allure that will hopefully […]

Self Adhesive Bras

There are several styles of bras available in the market. Each has its purpose and is worn with a particular outfit. For backless, strapless, plunging styles of clothes self adhesive bras are the right type of innerwear. These bras are simple to look at but have a myriad of features which enable them to stay […]

Silicone Breast Enhancers

Silicone breast enhancers are products which enhance a woman’s bust size. They are made of silicone gel with a polyurethane exterior and they fit over or under the breasts. They are ideal for women who are unhappy with their bust size and wish to increase them by a size or two. Those who shied away […]

Axami Lingerie

You do not need to have to-die-for curves to feel sexy about yourself. The truth is that being sexy is not about having an hourglass figure. Believe it or not, the secret in being sexy is having the right attitude and wearing the right kind of clothes. More often than not, wearing sexy underwear also […]

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