You Can Wear Lingerie!

Lingerie may be a bit difficult to pronounce correctly. Good thing, it’s not your tongue that determines whether lingerie is suited for you or not. When you feel good about yourself and when you appreciate every line and curve of your body, you can definitely wear lingerie! You might feel that you could not wear […]

Leather Bikini

There is always something new in the world of fashion which becomes suddenly trendy at one place, conquering the world then diminishing slowly again. This is what we can highly expect from leather bikini to do too as it is not exactly the wear you can swim or spend much time in the water. The […]

Heating Up The Nights

There is little doubt that lingerie is something that helps a woman experience a bigger thrill at night and is a means to get out of the old frumpy clothes and into something more attractive and appealing. A woman can jump into an outfit that is sexy and which helps her feel that she can […]

La Perla Underwear

La Perla has established its presence in the underwear industry for over 50 years now after a humble beginning in Bologna, Italy where most of its products are still being manufactured today. Enjoying a vast majority of patrons, its underwear products for men and women are distributed worldwide, mostly in European countries, and also carrying […]

Mastectomy Bra Shopping

Mastectomy bra is becoming more and more important in order to provide women patients who thanks to this support will not feel depressed because of their post-mastectomy outlook. Today, there are loads of mastectomy bra makers together with some outstanding brands that are found all over the world also including Dubai. Hereby, we represent you […]

Young Women’s Lingerie

Young women love to wear lingerie such as bras, panties, thongs as well as hosiery because they offer a lot of choice and because of the amount of attention that they get in what they wear or do not wear. This is very noticeable when a woman chooses to wear intimate lingerie and apparel. To […]

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts used to be exclusively used by boxers only. The term was used to refer to an elastic shorts similar to what boxers used so that they could have leg movements without hindrances. Prior to the development of boxer shorts, boxers used trunks with leather belts. But then Jacob Golomb had an idea on […]

Romantic Bridal Lingerie

Come the wedding day and romance will be in the air, and the bride will be looking at herself in the mirror imagining how lovely her lace and embroidered bridal lingerie will make her look. She will be making up her mind about which maker would have the best selection for bridal lingerie and she […]

Agent Provocateur Lingerie

The British are very prudish when it comes to matters relating to sex and they generally turn their noses up at anything to do with that topic. It takes a lot of courage for a company such as Agent Provocateur to overcome this inbuilt antagonism and be able to create high quality designer lingerie that […]

Lingerie An Art Form

Buying lingerie can be somewhat of an art form. And if you visit lingerie shops that stock endless amounts of lingerie, it will be enough to get your juices pumping and move your emotions as well as cause a small flutter in your heart. There are so many things to buy that even the most […]

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