Adhesives & Bras

Adhesives and shapers are backless and strapless bras. They are another name for adhesive bras and they are known to enhance the curves of a woman. The concave shaped cups blend with the curves of your bust and the outer portion defines the natural shape of your chest. Victoria’s Secret adhesives and shapers are trendy and promise to augment any woman’s silhouette.

The U plunge backless push up bra is a bold bra. First of all it has a super low front. This plunge design will give you a fabulous cleavage and the courage to flaunt the most daring outfits. Secondly, this bra does not have back clasp. Going backless is not at all a problem. This Victoria’s Secret adhesive and shaper has clear side extensions which adhere to the skin. In other words, the cups are not lined with the adhesive like other bras of the same kind. The shape of the padded cups along with underwire provides a lift to your chest. Nothing is more seductive than a combination of enhanced cleavage and boosted bust.

Generally adhesives and shapers have nude, black or white colored cups. The Invisible uplift bra has transparent cups. Though nude offers the most natural effect under backless/strapless clothes, this bra is even more so. When worn, you will find no trace of this bra. This is also due to the fact that the Infinity Edge® has been used to give this bra a completely seamless look. The bra’s design consists of two cups held together by front closure clasp. With the help of this women can manipulate the lift and cleavage they desire. The further the cups are away from each other, the wider the cleavage.

If you want to wear a top which has a neckline reaching your midriff and don’t want the front clasp to be seen, then the Invisible demi bra is the perfect solution. This bra has just two cups which add up to a full cup size. The imported polyurethane cups provide a totally braless look and you needn’t feel conscious at all. In addition to giving adequate coverage, this adhesive and shaper also provides support to your bust because of the silicone adhesive. This bra will ensure hours of endless comfort.
Adhesive and shapers are special occasion bras. Which means that they cannot be worn regularly else they could lose their adhesiveness. The Invisible push up bra on the other hand can be worn up to 100 times and can be washed many times. This bra gives your bust a lift which is required for all trendy strapless outfits. This bra also makes sure that it stays completely concealed under your clothes.

The push up adhesives and shapers by Victoria’s Secret has a stylish design. The contoured cups enhance your curves, while the smooth texture of the bra makes sure that it cannot be seen beneath your clothes. The cups provide proper coverage, while underwire offers support to your bust. The bra has side tabs with adhesive and they keep your bust secure.