Agent Provocateur Designer Lingerie Brand

Agent Provocateur is a lingerie brand that is well known in the United Kingdom. The company has stores in thirteen countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and Canada. Their first shop was opened in London at Broadwick Street in 1994.

Agent Provocateur has been known to push the limits of lingerie advertising. Their advertising campaigns are known to be highly provocative and are normally banned in certain countries. They always try to have sexual innuendos when they advertise which causes them to get into a lot of trouble. Their models include Kylie Minogue, Paris Hilton, and Carmen Electra. These models are known to be very provocative. They can send messages of sexuality without them talking at all.

The advertising campaigns of Agent Provocateur are very creative and unconventional. They do not go main stream like everyone else. You’ll see their ads mostly on the internet, in catalogues, and in cinemas.

Why does this brand get so much heat from the press and why does it always get flagged? You’ll have to understand the philosophy behind their brand in order to realize why they always get into trouble for their advertisements. The Agent Provocateur vision is to avoid British prudery that categorizes anything to do with sex as sleazy or smutty. The goal of Agent Provocateur was to develop high quality designer lingerie that will stimulate, enchant, and arouse those that wear them and their partners. Agent Provocateur believes that this is a positive sexuality and there is nothing wrong with it. Of course, many conservative British people will attest to this. Even people around the world will say something about this too.

Agent Provocateur tries to separate the mass experience versus the personal experience. They believe in the intimacy of the sexual act versus those market forces that commercialize it. They try to personalize the woman and make her experience something intimate with her man. Agent Provocateur is definitely one brand that you would want to try out. If you believe in intimacy and hate that run off the mill experience then maybe you should start ordering Agent Provocateur products over the internet already.

The Agent Provocateur Brand was made by Joseph Corre and Serena Rees. In 2007, Corre was honoured for his services to the fashion industry but controversially rejected it in response to Tony Blair’s actions towards Iraq. Aside from the lingerie brand of Agent Provocateur, they have expanded to other items like fragrances and other beauty products.