Agent Provocateur Lingerie

The British are very prudish when it comes to matters relating to sex and they generally turn their noses up at anything to do with that topic. It takes a lot of courage for a company such as Agent Provocateur to overcome this inbuilt antagonism and be able to create high quality designer lingerie that creates a stir thanks to the flair as well as élan that their lingerie items embody. Anyone that wears Agent Provocateur lingerie will feel a sense of enchantment and the beholder will also find the sex appeal a little overwhelming.

There is no doubting the fact that Agent Provocateur has enjoyed considerable success and this can be witnessed in its new stores that span across America, Middle East, Russia as well as Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe. It has a very good mail order catalogue that keeps customers coming in, and its website also has won an award for being outstanding.

Agent Provocateur is owned by Joseph Corre and Serena Rees who opened the first shop in December 1994 which elicited a response seldom given to anybody but superstars. Agent Provocateur has innovated in how it sells its items and uses all means possible to ensure that its values are communicated effectively to buyers which have made Agent Provocateur to be the leader in lingerie, and it straddles atop the fashion industry by producing the best in lingerie items that is also a loud proclamation of being the best in the world of fashion.

Not satisfied with just lingerie, Agent Provocateur has branched out into making books, shoes, jewelry as well as fragrances and beauty products that compliments its lingerie lines. There is no doubting the fact that Agent Provocateur is not a mindlessly advertised and consumer driven company; rather, it emphasizes the intimacy of relationships between the wearer and the garment, and ensures its products are of the best quality, excels in service as well as provides unflinching commitment to making its very own unique fashion statement.

Agent Provocateur makes everything from masks and gloves, panties, whips and paddles, jewelry, shoes, garters, briefs and strings. It certainly makes for the complete woman.