Allumette Lingerie

Allumette designer lingerie is a legendary accomplishment. It is worth knowing who made this possible.

Simone Pérèle of de Montyon in Paris was the daughter of a well known corset maker. Having watched her father’s business for decades, she had attained a perfect understanding of a woman’s body, its movements, looks and grace. She visualized a more active, confident and independent modern woman.

With this thought, she ventured into creating high-quality, handcrafted lingerie innovatively combining attractive design and uncompromising comfort. She always just acted by her incredible instincts. Her confidence, determination and passion paved a sure path to success for her venture.

She opened a small workshop in 1948 and her products became immediately admired and accepted across Paris. Her creative designs unleashed a whole new desires and expectations on the part of women. They started shedding the constricting corsetry and discovered how truly comfortable was the new lingerie.

The Allumette designs were handcrafted creatively so it flowed with women’s natural curves and contours. Soon, women were wearing lingerie that embraced their bodies in the most sensuous way. Going by the societal norms of those days, Pérèle’s creations were revolutionary. The Parisian women started looking entirely different. Recognizing the kind of comfort they were missing over the years in the way they dressed, it was very convincing for them to accept the change.

Simone Pérèle had noiselessly brought about an unbelievable change in the lives of the French women of those years. She caused a generation of modern, daring and outgoing women.