Aubade Lingerie

Aubade is a company that has been in existence for over a hundred years and it was founded by Claude Pasquier. This tradition has been carried forward for three more generations. Seduction is a part of the Aubade lingerie product line, and this is the first brand to position its lingerie in a manner that provides pleasure to the wearer and helps them exudes femininity.

Whatever different aspects of love one may experience in life, the Aubade lingerie items will provide seductive elegance, and it is the company most responsible for changing the way that lingerie is being used by replacing functionality with seductiveness.

If you have seen Aubade’s advertising campaigns you will immediately appreciate how its lingerie helps wearers to clothe them in refined lingerie from head to toe. It will also help women feel more beautiful. A woman can perceive herself in a manner that is seductive and this is made possible by wearing Aubade lingerie.

Aubade is a pioneer lingerie brand and its history of developing new product lines is dotted with many innovative creations, new discoveries as well as felt in the audaciousness and metamorphosis of its special product lines. Aubade was the first to introduce the concept of colored underwear as well as first beginning matching sets, which has led to its ideas later becoming standard fare in the world of lingerie.

A case in point is the creation of the TANGA model which epitomized its new line of string briefs whose shape has since turned into a generic product. The cut, quality as well as comfort that Aubade lingerie items are renowned for helps to accentuate the feminine form that is further accentuated by sensuous designs.

Aubade lingerie is also famous for its black and white photographs that are sold as calendars and books which collectors find very appealing to own. If you want to know more, you can discover what the Lessons of Seduction really are in the book “L’Art d’Aimer”.