One of the most nightwear lingerie types out there is the babydoll lingerie. This lingerie is a sleeveless, loose fit nightgown for women. This lingerie is made out of formed cups with an attached loose skirt that falls around the hip area. The baby doll lingerie is usually made up of lace, ruffles, bows, and ribbons. These make the lingerie look more appealing and attractive. Normally, panties are worn underneath the baby doll lingerie.

You may be wondering, where did the name babydoll come from anyway? Such a cute and petite name fits this type of lingerie. The name baby doll has several origins. One of the more popular origins of the name came from the actual dresses that are worn by infants. This gown for infants is short so that changing diapers would be an easy task. Women enjoy wearing these baby doll outfits because they make them feel very comfortable during sleep. Another origin of the name baby doll has been claimed to be from the movie Baby Doll in 1956. This movie starred Carroll Baker and basically made the type of lingerie popular from then on.

Although the gowns worn by infants are very different from the gown worn from a full grown woman, the baby doll lingerie still retains its name. Babydoll lingerie is considered to be one of the more erotic types of underwear for women. Most baby doll lingerie fully exposes the legs of a woman and is considered to be very inviting for the opposite sex. Other baby doll outfits show the breasts of a woman or sometimes slightly reveal it so that it can have that tease factor.

Baby doll outfits have been around since the 1950’s. Through the years, the baby doll lingerie has developed. There are several vintage baby doll outfits for sale nowadays and they symbolize sexuality through the years. During the 1990’s, these baby doll lingerie types became a fad known as the kinder whore fad. They became popular through grunge music performers like Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland.

Baby doll lingerie is one of the more comfortable lingerie for a woman. It can be worn while sleeping, during the wee hours of the night, and some baby doll outfits can even be worn outside the house. The baby doll lingerie is certainly one of the more popular choices of lingerie for women today. They are both comfortable and attractive at the same time.