Basic Lingerie : Panties

Panties are the most basic type of lingerie. Sometimes panties are otherwise known as knickers in the United Kingdom. Panties are very light and are worn by women as their basic undergarment to cover their genitals. The basic panty is composed of a waistband which is normally an elastic material like garter. There is the fibre that covers the genitals which is usually an absorbent material like cotton. Finally, there are two leg openings that are also usually elastic.

There are several types of panties in the market nowadays. They are classified and differentiated based on the amount of area covered and the height at which they are worn. The first type of panty lingerie is the brief. The panty brief is similar to the men’s brief in so far as surface area is covered. They cover the most surface area among the other types of panty lingerie. The second type of panty is the hipster. Hipsters are similar to briefs but their waistband is much lower. The third type of panty is the bikini. These are worn at the hips but the fabric at the sides is much narrower. The fourth type of panty lingerie is the thong. This covers the smallest amount of surface area. The material covering the genitals is directly attached to a waistband. A string passes through the butt cheeks to connect to the back of the waistband. The fifth type of panty is the boy shorts. These are also known as the boy leg briefs. They have short legs extending below the genitals area.

Panties are one of the most basic lingerie because they cover the genitals. There are several panty manufacturers around the world. The largest in the American region is Victoria’s Secret. The Victoria’s Secret panties are one of the most popular brands. On the other side of the world is Triumph. In Europe, Triumph is a market leader in the making of panties.

Panties have been around for awhile already and they have been icons of sexuality. Magazines like FHM and Maxim use a lot of panty lingerie to send a sexy message to its readers. There are a lot of non nude websites on the internet that make a lot of money by taking pictures of women in their underwear. Teenagers and women in their twenties are seen wearing provocative panties and are depicted to have a very free spirited and fun lifestyle. When women are shown wearing panties, it becomes highly flirtatious to male and even female viewers.