Bathing Suits

Bathing suits, as we see them today, are the variants of the original bikini that was born in late 1940s. Ever since its birth, the bikini kept growing (or shrinking?) into several variants – each time each piece of bikini taking less cloth than the earlier version.

Although the bikinis talked about here are worn by women as sports bikinis or for sun-tanning, for most part they are all used as bathing suits. These bikini bathing suits come in many different types, colors and styles. All these types are briefly portrayed here to provide an idea about the options available for you to make your choice. Broadly, we can group bikinis as Traditional Bikini, Modest Bikini and Radical Bikini.

Traditional Bikinis can include the vintage bikini or String bikini. The outgoing styles fall under the Modest category. The sling bikini, with a sling hanging from the neck down to the little triangular piece covering the groin area, or the microkini, which is just a single piece covering the groin can be exemplified here.

The Radical type bikinis include monokini – this again is a topless bikini, which some adventurous women dare to wear in swimming pools. Another form of bikini, the pubkini, is a highly daring form of microkini. It is just a very small piece of clothing covering the pubic area held by a string around the waist.

For over sixty years now, bikini bathing suits have taken highly revolutionized forms, catering to all types of women from the meek to the daring.