From Bikini to Monokini

The Bikini, the popular modern female wear, has been around for a fairly long time. It has grown (rather shrunk) over the last six decades, since it was first conceived and designed in 1946. However, interestingly, similar female wear is understood to have existed as far back as 3500 year ago, in the Minon wall […]

Swimsuits & Bikinis

You can be sure that trends in bikinis are now moving towards providing the masses a means of showing off their bodies the next time they place a dainty toe into the water. No doubt, Hollywood movies have done their bit in popularizing the bikini, and more and more women are considering the bikini to […]

Bikini & Swimwear

The bikini seems to be worn only by certain types of women and only by certain age brackets of women. No matter which category a woman belongs to, however, a bikini underwear piece or swimwear garment can always be fashionable and a most welcome, wearable item particularly during summer. New designs come along everyday to […]

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