Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts used to be exclusively used by boxers only. The term was used to refer to an elastic shorts similar to what boxers used so that they could have leg movements without hindrances.

Prior to the development of boxer shorts, boxers used trunks with leather belts. But then Jacob Golomb had an idea on how to make these trunks better for the sake of comfort of the boxers. At first, these shorts were called boxer trunks but as time went by, they were simply called boxer shorts. Although Jockey briefs became more popular in the 1930s, by the end of the 1940s, boxer shorts became widely used again.

Boxer shorts are being bought by men because of the comfort, and health issues that they offer. Not to mention that these boxer shorts tend to make men more manly because of the association with boxers that they have.

In the 1980s, boxer shorts became more popular because of the English musician Nick Kamen, who starred in a Levi’s commercial while removing his Levi’s pants and revealed that he was using a white boxer shorts. The sales record of briefs is still higher than boxer shorts, although studies show that the boxer shorts.

There are two kinds of boxer shorts. These are the gripper and yoke front boxer shorts. The waistband of Gripper boxer shorts is elastic but usually it has three snaps so that it can be opened up easily and smoothly. Yoke front boxer shorts, on the other hand is very much similar to Gripper boxer shorts except that it has no mechanism for closure.

Believe it or not, but in 1975, an urban legend regarding boxer shorts was created because of an advertisement of Sears. This advertisement appears to have shown a part of the model’s genitalia. However, upon closer examination of the ad, it appears to have been an optical illusion because of the design of the boxer shorts.