Bra Sizes

Women are built in different ways. Some women are tall while some are short. Some women are slim while others are a bit chubby. Women’s breasts are also of different shapes and sizes. In order to get the perfect bra lingerie for a woman, you’ll have to understand the measurement systems used in bras.

Measurement systems for bras vary from country to country, from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even from method to method. With this in mind, it would be very difficult to find the perfect bra for a woman. Most methods rely on the circumferences found in the body of the woman and not based on the volume of the breasts. This strict method has not been very effective.

The standard method in measuring bras nowadays uses two measurement values. The first value is the band size which is the circumference of the chest under the breast, not including the breast. The second value is the cup size. This is based on the volume of the breasts themselves. The circumference under the breast can be measured in terms of centimetres or inches. The volume of the breasts are measured in terms of letters, the A size being the smallest up to D. There are some manufacturers who even produce AA or even F sizes. Combining the two measurements gives you the complete bra measurement. For example, a 31D bra will have a thirty one inch band size and a D size cup.

As mentioned earlier, these measurement methods based on circumferences and volume aren’t perfectly reliable for women today. In order to have the perfect bra underwear, women can have their bras tailor made. In this way, the bra will fit perfectly and it will support the correct weight and volume of the breasts. If having a tailor made bra is a hassle then women will have to stick to certain manufacturers and get used to the bra sizes there. For instance, if you’re a perfect fit for a 30C in Victoria’s Secret lingerie then you a 30C in Triumph lingerie may not be the exact fit for you. You may want to stick to the Victoria’s Secret brand all the time instead.

There are some methods that women use in order to fix these bra measurement issues. Some women will pad their oversized bras. Others will buy bras that are tighter than usual so that their breasts will appear to be fuller.