Mastectomy Bra Shopping

Mastectomy bra is becoming more and more important in order to provide women patients who thanks to this support will not feel depressed because of their post-mastectomy outlook. Today, there are loads of mastectomy bra makers together with some outstanding brands that are found all over the world also including Dubai. Hereby, we represent you […]

Sexy Bras

Working out and spending some time in the gym in order to get a stunning body shape is one of the main priorities of women. This body exercises and activities that women have are all worth it, especially if they can confidently get into their sexy bras that they have long kept in their closets. […]

Bra Sizes

Women are built in different ways. Some women are tall while some are short. Some women are slim while others are a bit chubby. Women’s breasts are also of different shapes and sizes. In order to get the perfect bra lingerie for a woman, you’ll have to understand the measurement systems used in bras. Measurement […]

Pure Style Girlfriends Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bras by Pure Style Girlfriends are bestsellers in the lingerie industry. The Perks bra and Gather the Girls have unique designs and features which make them a favorite among fashionable women. The quirky names add a dash of mischief which goes to say that along with the bra’s functions, women also get ultimate style. […]

Adhesives & Bras

Adhesives and shapers are backless and strapless bras. They are another name for adhesive bras and they are known to enhance the curves of a woman. The concave shaped cups blend with the curves of your bust and the outer portion defines the natural shape of your chest. Victoria’s Secret adhesives and shapers are trendy […]

Self Adhesive Bras

There are several styles of bras available in the market. Each has its purpose and is worn with a particular outfit. For backless, strapless, plunging styles of clothes self adhesive bras are the right type of innerwear. These bras are simple to look at but have a myriad of features which enable them to stay […]

Silicone Breast Enhancers

Silicone breast enhancers are products which enhance a woman’s bust size. They are made of silicone gel with a polyurethane exterior and they fit over or under the breasts. They are ideal for women who are unhappy with their bust size and wish to increase them by a size or two. Those who shied away […]

Frederick’s of Hollywood Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bras are highly popular. They are self supportive bras which use silicone adhesive to stay up and generally do not have straps, back closure and sides. Their fan following includes young and older women who are fashionable and love to wear bold and daring outfits. The lingerie market is flooded with numerous adhesive bra […]

Vicrotia’s Secret Adhesive Bras

A Victoria’s Secret woman has an edge over others. This leading lingerie brand offers quality innerwear to suit all outfits for just about any occasion. The adhesives and shapers collection includes an attractive range of backless and strapless bras. The brand understands that only with an appealing figure will an outfit look complete. U Plunge […]

Sassybax Adhesive Bras

A number of fashionable women around the world have tried and given up looking for the perfect strapless bra. Often women have to make do with badly fitting strapless bras and have to watch other women pull off backless gowns with perfect ease. But with the Sassybax adhesive bra, you can bring out all your […]

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