Choosing Your Stocking

Stocking is something a woman wore on their leg to look more seductive mostly on occasions or when they go to work. Although some women need not to wear them but mostly do because it makes them feel more feminine, more confident and more comfortable showing a part of their body especially when they need to wear a skirt. Stockings are also worn by ladies to hide some imperfections on their legs like scars and scratches which they don’t want other people to see to avoid embarrassment.

Before anything else, did you know that stockings were made for gentlemen before? In 1589, Reverend William Lee invented the first knitting machine to knit stockings for the use of gentlemen and not for women. But today, majority who wore them are ladies.

Nowadays, stockings have evolved to many different kinds, styles, textures and colors. Now, how do you choose your stockings? You have to consider many things in choosing your stocking. First, it should be the one where you are comfortable. There are ladies who use to wear lose stockings or too tight for them that leads them to feel uneasy. Choose the one where you are comfortable enough either when you are walking, sitting or even running. Make sure that you need not to often pull it up when it goes down or loosen it because it’s  too tight and it’s hurting your skin. Second, make sure that it will match on the occasion or the place you will be. Like for example if you are an office worker, you need not to wear dark colored stockings. It will be more pleasant if you wear light colored ones. Third, make sure that it matches your suit. Some women find it hard to choose the right stockings for their attire, some look awful and funny, so as much as possible avoid choosing it just because you like it not considering if it matches your attire. So choose the best and you will look better among the rest.