Vollers Corsets

Corsets were first worn by women in the 2nd Millenium BC. Cretans of the Minoan Bronze Age wore them as an outer garment with the purpose of tightening the torso and pushing up their breast to improve their body shape. It is believed that Minoan men also used them. Nowadays, corsets are still being worn […]

Wearing Corsets

One type of lingerie that has been around for hundreds of years is the corset. The first types of corsets were made in the fifteen hundreds or in the early sixteenth century. At first, it was a simple bodice that was stiffened by whalebone. In the eighteenth century, more whalebone was being used. During the […]

Victorian Corsets

Victorian corsets were items of underwear that every woman wore beneath her flowing gowns, and was most widely used around the eighteenth century. It was instrumental in giving women of that era better shape to their bodies. The body with the corset looked much like a cone that not only lifted up the bosom, but […]

Fashionable & Classy Corsets

A corset is much more than just a feminine wear. In fact, its very concept, apparently, was born in the mind with a trendy inclination. Naturally, it is a garment that became an instant hit with fashion conscious women. The strength of a corset is its very design, which clearly enhances the curvy feminine structure. […]

Tips to Find a Corset for Your Prom Evening

There cannot be a better occasion than a Prom evening for you to wear a corset. That is an evening of high spirits and you have to present yourself in the best possible outfit. If you really want to catch the eyes of the gathering, a corset is a great help. There are special kinds […]

The Corsets

The corset lingerie is the predecessor of the modern day bra. A corset is basically an undergarment that is used to shape a woman’s torso to fit the ideal aesthetic shape of a woman. Some men wear corsets but mainly for medical reasons. This is used to straighten the back. Nowadays, the corset has evolved […]