Erotic Body Stockings

Body stockings are a great way to show off your body, tease and taunt your partner. Not in a way that you could walk around in the street with it on, but around the house when you and your partner are feeling creative. Body stockings are a great way to get the mood going and will make any woman feel good about herself and her body.

There are different types of body stockings, some revealing everything and some revealing only what you want them to reveal. Like the romantic body stocking that is for the more calm but passionate couple. It is made from black lace and has a white lace up V-front with satin ribbon. It is very sexy, but calm and great for that special romantic evening.

If you are going for the more erotic sexy look, the mini daisy body stocking would be the best for you. It is made from lace and it has a sensual cross back, making it reveal just a little more, for a harsher tease. It also comes with matching black arm warmers.

Even more revealing than that is the big holed fishnet dress. This lingerie set is for the very daring and teasing ladies. It is very short and figure hugging, making it extremely sexy. This one can be used for a special occasion at home with your partner, or it can be used on the beach, wearing a bikini under the dress and looking great!

This one would be for home use only! This erotic lingerie set fits in between and around the breasts, totally exposing you, then comes down to the waist where it meets the straps that tie it to the stockings. It also includes a matching thong and stockings. The whole outfit is black, the sexiest color next to red!