Fashion Forms

Women today have very different lingerie needs than before. Gone were the days when intimate apparel means bulky petticoats and tight corsets. As modern women find themselves juggling several things at once, the need for intimate apparel that is both functional and feminine has increased over the past few years. Fortunately for women, there is one company that caters to their growing needs: Fashion Forms.

Founded in 1987 by Ann Deal, Fashion Forms aims to manufacture intimate apparel that will not only make women feel sexier and shapelier but also physically free. A company that is based in Ventura, California, Fashion Forms is the name behind some of the industry’s breakthrough products in women’s intimate apparel including the very famous NuBra, No Slip Strapless Bra, and the original Water Push-Up Bra.

Fashion Forms specializes in making intimate apparel that women need but was never before available. The company is most famous for making bras that enhance the shape and size of a woman’s bust. Moreover, Fashion Forms is well-known for bras that give women physical freedom. These products include the adhesive bras, which allows women to wear any sheer and bare clothing, and the external silicones, which give women shapelier, fuller, and bigger chests.

Apart from bras, Fashion Forms also manufacture intimate apparel accessories. Examples of these are the invisible bra straps, disposable dress protectors, gel petals, dress and lingerie tapes, peel-n-stick cups, shoulder pads, and push-up pads. Like Fashion Forms intimate apparel, these accessories allow women to wear virtually anything while enhancing their female figure at the same time.

Needless to say, Fashion Forms lingerie brand is truly for modern women. The company’s collection of intimate apparel is perfect for those women who do not want anything to get in their way of doing things. So if you want physical freedom, buy a Fashion Forms apparel now.