Frederick’s of Hollywood Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bras are highly popular. They are self supportive bras which use silicone adhesive to stay up and generally do not have straps, back closure and sides. Their fan following includes young and older women who are fashionable and love to wear bold and daring outfits. The lingerie market is flooded with numerous adhesive bra brands, but there is one which stands out. Frederick’s of Hollywood gives you the style and image associated with the ladies of Tinsel Town. The collection has three adhesive bras which are smart, functional and highly affordable.

Get fantastic support, cleavage and shape with the NuBra Invisible Bra System. It is one of the adhesive bras in the Frederick’s of Hollywood collection. The silicone adhesive bra provides support for itself and for a woman’s breasts. The shape of the bra is such that it covers the sides and lower area of the bust. Therefore the bra provides supports from below the breasts, taking a great weight off your shoulders. The bra has a plunge center; in other words it generates an enhanced cleavage. The smooth cups of the bra even out the surface of your breasts and provide a defined silhouette. This bra is a great buy as it is re-usable for 100 times. It is available in two colors – white and nude in A, B, and C sizes.

If you are one who rocks the party circuit frequently and daring fashions dominate your wardrobe, then you cannot leave home without Stick Ups Adhesive Cleavage bra. This Frederick’s of Hollywood creation will make you look smoking hot as it gives you a seductive cleavage and several hours of freedom. The low center paired with the front clasp give your bust a cleavage boost. At the same time the silicone adhesive bra provides a lift from all sides, perking up your assets. The cups are light and seamless ensuring that no unwanted lines or curves are visible under your form-fitting party wear. All these put together will give you a knock-out figure, which will only flatter your glamorous image and style. This bra is available in C cup size in white color.

Regular bras are okay for day wear, but when you unwind, there arises a need for unobtrusive comfort. The NuBra Ultralite Self Adhesive bra cups will give you that and much more. Considerably lighter than NuBra Invisible Bra system, it is perfect for daring outfits which need you to conceal your innerwear. What’s more, when you relax with a glass of wine at a cocktail party you may not want straps cutting into your skin or underwire digging into your ribcage. This bra will give you the strapless and wireless freedom and comfort. When it comes to style, the dipping center of the bra ensures that you get an attractive cleavage. With the help of seamless adhesive cups, achieve a stunning figure and bask in its glory. This bra underwear is available in three stylish colors – black, nude and pink leopard in A, B and C sizes.