Intimate Lingerie

There is a burgeoning market for discount lingerie with many women being attracted into buying for less than the list price. Intimate lingerie is much in demand which has led merchants that sell in mass to offer ever more appealing presentations in a bid to woo customers away from department stores and drugstore outlets.

The wide range available for intimate lingerie has made a big splash among the female populace, and with more severe competition ahead, supported by improved merchandising; the trend is to buy fun, well shaped as well as feminine items of lingerie. Bras and panties are becoming a designer’s delight as they can be embellished with polka dot prints as well as lace creations that are sweeping all before them. Bras made from satin with patterns are also making lingerie enter a space hitherto unknown.

There is also more desire on the part of women to have well shaped lingerie which means having better contoured bodies. With more choice available in the girdles as well as briefs and pantyhose, the baby boomers are finding an open playing field in which to cavort and enjoy each new creation with more gusto.

With merchants recognizing in this renewed spurt in demand for lingerie an opportunity to boost sales, it is little wonder that they stock more brands as well as sizes to outsell their competitors. With more sizes available in one place, shopping for lingerie has become much more convenient, especially as shoppers do not have much time to spare for their shopping.

Times have indeed changed, and what was once a disjointed family run business in the making and selling of lingerie has turned into a big industry with major brand names all finding the time to create better lingerie with more appeal and which is well packaged in an effort to ignite the demand for high fashion as well as appealing lingerie.