La Perla Underwear

La Perla has established its presence in the underwear industry for over 50 years now after a humble beginning in Bologna, Italy where most of its products are still being manufactured today. Enjoying a vast majority of patrons, its underwear products for men and women are distributed worldwide, mostly in European countries, and also carrying other brands in partnership with leading underwear manufacturers. La Perla also now markets its products online to make it reachable to its growing clientele around the world. In the present generation of high technology, La Perla has realized the need for and fully utilized the medium of modern communication methods to broadcast its products to the world. It even has its separate department to handle solely its global communication channels.

Many celebrities have included La Perla underwear products in their wardrobe and are seemingly satisfied. These include reality star Nicole Richie, actress-model Liz Hurley, pop singer Britney Spears, singer Jessica Simpson and a long list of other famous celebrities.

New product designs are being developed on an ongoing basis. A popular new addition is a special black underwear capsule, a collection for women consists of 2 bras with matching briefs and thongs, called “Pure Black.” This is made entirely in a new fabric called papillon developed and created by italian mill Jersey Lomilina, a world leader in innovative fabric manufacture. This fabric keeps its color of intense black for years without fading even after numerous washes. Indeed, La Perla’s underwear line clearly spells not only elegance but more so like its wearers do ‘age’ gracefully.

La Perla underwear products are very much competitive in terms of price and quality as compared to other leading brands. La Perla’s name in the industry of underwear especially in Europe is akin to the best.