Leather Bikini

There is always something new in the world of fashion which becomes suddenly trendy at one place, conquering the world then diminishing slowly again. This is what we can highly expect from leather bikini to do too as it is not exactly the wear you can swim or spend much time in the water. The leather bikini is a new frenzy originating from the United States. In Dubai, generally, you cannot buy it in shops and it is normally sold online on the internet.

Let us see the main characteristics of a leather bikini:

• It is made out of chemically treated leather, the leather is treated to bear water and mostly to be washable too.
• The leather bikini is cut out of one piece of mostly coloured leather. The reason of this is to avoid any colour differences that might come up with the change of the leather.
• The leather bikini bears the characteristics of leather in which it is made to get wet, so that when it dries it will perfectly fit the figure.

• The material is not suitable to wear for a proper swimming session.
• The seawater harms the material, so is the chlorine of the pool.
• If you do not wash it out right after being in water, the material will lose colour and its quality as well.
• Although the material is washable, it must be washed with the highest care. No detergent, no hot water, no wringing, no hot surfaces, cannot be dried under the sun either.
• No refunds are paid in case something gets wrong with your leather bikini. Only changing is possible.
• As most stores only offer leather bikinis online, it is a risky business, especially when you who pay the postal cost too excluding the price.

Overall, the leather bikini is a fine novelty that is the best for parading on the beach of Cannes, Monte Carlo or Florida, where women wear stilettos and proper jewellery with their bikinis and they are unsuitable for swimming or to for doing anything in the water. The leather bikini, though seems nice, in real, it is hardly recognizable. Although its material is nice and soft, it will give you plenty of work if you really intend using it for either bathing or swimming.

In Dubai, leather bikinis are not so fashionable. You have the chance to find some exclusive underwear and swimwear shops in any of the big shopping centres, such as the Dubai Mall, where you would freely spend even a day, without seeing all the stores it has or in the Mall of the Emirates the second biggest shopping mall of Dubai. Although Dubai is famous for its great beach, it is not advisable to wear any of the sexy leather bikinis you may be having.

If you would like to show off your new leather bikini, choose the poolside area rather and keep a safety swimwear at hand, just in case something happened with it. The leather bikini is a big trend now, so if you feel like getting one for your Dubai travel, do not hesitate to order it on the applicable sites online.