Topless Lingerie

Buying topless lingerie is something that women find appealing even if they do not possess the most attractive bodies. It does give rise to a certain amount of self consciousness regarding their perceived shortcomings so far as their physical attributes is concerned. But, they need not worry as men in particular are most appreciative of […]

Fashionable or Affordable Lingerie

Lingerie that a woman loves most will certainly be something that is soft to touch. When a woman chooses velvet, or silk, or satin lingerie, she does so because it is soft to the touch and feels nice when worn. This is especially important as it helps a woman feel comfortable as well as woman-like […]

Choosing the Right Intimate Apparel

When you go to a department store or a shopping mall, you might have noticed that there are sections that display intimate apparel. These may range from panties, brassieres, thongs, briefs, boxers and lingerie. Do you ever get embarrassed when you look at these items and try to assess whether a set of intimate apparel […]

Lingerie Care Tips

Caring for your lingerie is important if you don’t want to spend on new lingerie after a few wears. It is important not to simply throw the lingerie into the wash with other clothes as the different types of styles as well as fabrics require special care. It may be best if you hand wash […]

Lingerie Ideas to Look Sexier

Choosing lingerie can be fun as well as adventurous, and women take a lot of time in dreaming up newer and better ideas to make her look more appealing. A good piece of lingerie will help to spark off a relationship, and knowing the tricks of choosing appropriate lingerie items is an art in itself. […]

Basic Lingerie : Panties

Panties are the most basic type of lingerie. Sometimes panties are otherwise known as knickers in the United Kingdom. Panties are very light and are worn by women as their basic undergarment to cover their genitals. The basic panty is composed of a waistband which is normally an elastic material like garter. There is the […]

Babydolls For The Sexy Yet Innocent

People often hear the term “nightgowns” or “nightwear” from women who love to wear lingerie. Nightgowns are usually loose forms of dresses designed to be worn in bed by women. The length of a night gown varies from hip length to floor length but it’s typically knee length. Those that are of hip length are […]

Arousing Lingerie Sets

There are many different kinds of lingerie sets available these days. Which one you prefer would depend on what type of person you are. They are all extremely sexy and sassy, some even way too revealing! The four-piece fishnet set is wonderfully arousing; it includes a micro miniskirt, off the shoulder crop top, stockings and […]

Adolescents and Lingerie

With the way our society works nowadays, sex has become popularized through all the movies, television shows and billboard ads that constantly pound the message of sex through our brains. Additionally through biological evolution and maybe even in response to sociological pressure, young girls are reaching puberty at progressively younger ages. What this translates to […]

Erotic Body Stockings

Body stockings are a great way to show off your body, tease and taunt your partner. Not in a way that you could walk around in the street with it on, but around the house when you and your partner are feeling creative. Body stockings are a great way to get the mood going and […]

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