Micro Bikini

The two-piece bikini that appeared to the dismay of the highly orthodox society of the 60’s, has since come a long way to the micros and nanos of today. Perhaps, the only apparel considered as grown by shrinking the material content in its making.

When it arrived on the scene, it covered a fair amount of trunk, exposing only the midriff. Later on, egged by the Sex Revolution of USA, the designers got bolder to create many more designs that exposed more of a woman. Gradually the cleavage increased with deeper neck designs. Even the cover under the bust shrunk. Now with the micros and nanos on the scene, there is hardly anything of the female body covered barring the nipples and a small area at the genitals.

A version of bikini called monokini, doing rounds in the market is just an one-piece-bottom covering only the genitals, leaving the breasts fully exposed. This wear is very popular among the growing numbers of topless sunbathers.

The process of miniaturization of bikinis was never limited to the top piece. The bottom piece too started to shrink. The earlier versions of the bikini bottom that fully covered the hips started to get smaller and smaller, exposing the half moons of the wearer. Eventually, even this cover disappeared altogether in to the crevice of the buttocks. With this a woman wearing a monokini virtually looked totally nude on the back.

With this, choosing a bikini has become quite tricky and challenging. Before you buy a micro bikini or its variants, search online for more info and maximum discounts. Enjoy a happy sunbathing with your most favorite variant of the bikini.