Muslim Swimwear

The modern Muslim woman, until recently had tough time going swimming, due to non-availability of a swimsuit that met with the strict religious laws for women on what and what not to wear. The Muslim laws take an extremely stringent in the matter of female attire, especially concerned about the exposure of skin. Addressing this particular demand, today there have been many brands of Muslim swimwear styles available in the market, designed to meet both the religious stipulations as well as the Muslim women’s desire for comfortable swimwear.

Thanks to Oliver Momeni, who improvised on the cumbersome outfit used earlier for swimming and brought out the ‘Burquini’. This suit provides a perfect fitting for the wearer. Made of stretch polyester having anti-chlorine and UV resistant properties, it makes a great swimsuit that can last long. The stretch property makes it easier to execute the swim strokes and remains light on the body as it will not absorb water.

The Burquini, a two-piece version has a shirt top that covers up to the neck and down to the waist. The bottom piece is a pant with additional elastic bands at the bottom end to ensure that the pants do not move up exposing the legs. The Burquini covers the whole of the body, barring the hands, feet and face. This meets with the Muslim law and provides comfortable flexibility to swim.

The material of this burquini may cause allergies to some. They are available in alternative material too. If you think you are allergic to polyester, you can go for the alternative fabric.