Pure Style Girlfriends Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bras by Pure Style Girlfriends are bestsellers in the lingerie industry. The Perks bra and Gather the Girls have unique designs and features which make them a favorite among fashionable women. The quirky names add a dash of mischief which goes to say that along with the bra’s functions, women also get ultimate style.

Wire Free push up Perks is a silicone lined push up adhesive bra. This Pure Style Girlfriends bra uses imported silicone for total stay up support. This bra is just like an ordinary push up bra but with minor differences. It has padded cups for an enhanced bust. These cups along with the silicone provide a lift to a woman’s breasts. At the same time a woman also receives support, but without underwire. Women can wear this bra all day long without any problems. The bra provides invisible support and stays completely hidden. Moreover you can wear strapless tops with ease and not worry about bulging sides.

All these features are possible only because the Wire Free push up Perks adhesive bra has a special design. First of all this Pure Style Girlfriends bra has a structured seam along the inner lining of the bra’s lower outline. This feature replaces underwire. Secondly push up padding is present in the inner cups. The bra cups taper out towards the breasts and the edge of the cups are thin. This causes the bra to remain unseen beneath any type of outfit. The cups are designed in such a way that your breasts do not bulge out from the sides. In addition to all these features, the bra also acts as a plunge bra. It has an extra low front and the cups angle out to provide better cleavage.

The Pure Style Girlfriends bra has 15 hidden hooks. With the help of clear straps you can create any style you like depending on your outfit. The front closure is not adjustable. This adhesive bra is hypo-allergenic and re-usable up to 50 times.

Gather the Girls is an adhesive bra which will manage your bust line. Just as bad hair days need to be taken care of, straying breasts also have to be reined in. Many women have to deal with their “girls” hanging out in different directions. This problem completely spoils the effect of many a party top or evening gown. This Pure Style Girlfriends creation ensures a steadfast bust line is what keeps up your style quotient all evening. Designed in a demi bra style, you can pair this piece of innerwear with any low cut or plunge neck number.

How does this adhesive bra work? The bra cups are non-adhesive; side tabs are lined with adhesive. Remove the paper backing from one side tab and adhere it below one underarm. Once it is intact, lift one breast into a cup. Repeat the same for the other breast. Placing the tabs apart keeps your breasts even more secure. If you wear a mid size bra, go up a cup size for a better fit.