Raging Trends in Swimwear

The swimwear is no more the same, what with new styles, colors, cuts and prints giving you the choice to decide what you wear. With the freedom of mix and match, you become the creator of your own style.

You also have a choice of ready to wear suits in modest to extreme versions. To name a few them like, Bikinis, String bikinis, Halter necks, Bandini, Camakini, Triangles, Tankinis, and many more. Except for the Tankini and to an extent the Bikinis which has a universal character, rest of the styles do not gel with all shapes; but can look terrific and very hot with a right kind of a figure.

The color range is a real mind blower from pastel to solid, flat to bright, leaving nothing much to add to the list, putting a Rainbow to shame. Add to this, an equally vast choice of accessories from bags to hats made of exotic materials, cover-ups, goggles, footwear and more. The icing part is a long list of embellishments to pep-up your gorgeous looks.

As for the fabric, they are made of Lycra, Spandex, Nylon and Tricot. The first two offers good resistance to the salt water, chlorinated pool water and protects from the harmful UV rays, greatly bringing down the exposure level. These two fabrics with spandex in it stretch to fit the body snugly and sensuously. The Tricot with high cotton content is best for off water activity than swimming and least allergic to skin.

With all this, no wonder the modern swimwear is a rage with swimmers and loungers.