Sassybax Adhesive Bras

A number of fashionable women around the world have tried and given up looking for the perfect strapless bra. Often women have to make do with badly fitting strapless bras and have to watch other women pull off backless gowns with perfect ease. But with the Sassybax adhesive bra, you can bring out all your trendy party-wear from the back of your closet. Known as the Very Bare bra, women can now bare as much as they want in style and comfort.

The Sassybax Very Bra is a backless/strapless bra. In other words, it is an adhesive bra. Unlike other adhesive bras, this bra derives support from the adhesive on the top and bottom of the cups and the side tabs. Usually the inner cups of a backless bra are lined with the adhesive. This innovation provides an all round support to the wearer. It is no wonder that the Very Bare bra is a favorite among Hollywood actresses. Most women dread the removal process; peeling skin often puts many women off adhesive bras. However, with Sassybax adhesive bra you will have a pain free experience.

The USP of the Very Bare bra is its ergonomic design. This bra is designed for you and your comfort is its first priority. Moreover, the cups are designed in such a way that they perfectly stick to the contours of your bust. Not only will you look more curvaceous, your overall figure will be enhanced too. This completely changes the appearance of your prom dress or wedding gown. You will look stunning. The Sassybax adhesive bra is available from AA to DD cup sizes and fits all band sizes. If you are worried that they might be seen through form-fitting dresses, you can be assured that it will not be so. The cups’ microfiber outer lining does not allow even the sheerest of fabrics to cling on to them.

For added style the Very Bare bra offers push up pads for AA/A cups sizes. Your bust will be enhanced and your cleavage will be attractive. Even better, the cups are so smooth that the effect under your tops will be seamless and elegant. For added support, this bra also has underwire facility. Since this bra’s main aim is to provide comfort to a lady, one can also trim the side tabs to suit their figures. Women also have the option of wearing this bra halter style with the help of the removable strap. This bra can be worn at least 20 to 50 times if it is maintained according to the instructions.

The black and nude color options are ideal as they look totally concealed under all type of outfit. What makes this bra so popular is its size options. Even large women can wear this bra without any hassle. Since the bra offers half coverage, there is no chance of this strapless/backless must-have peeping out. You can purchase this bra online or at any leading lingerie store. You might have to shell out $78 for this Sassybax adhesive bra. Don’t think of it as expenditure; think of it as an investment.