Self Adhesive Bras

There are several styles of bras available in the market. Each has its purpose and is worn with a particular outfit. For backless, strapless, plunging styles of clothes self adhesive bras are the right type of innerwear. These bras are simple to look at but have a myriad of features which enable them to stay undercover and undetected. They do not have straps, side extensions and back closure. They supported themselves with the help of silicone adhesive which adhere to a woman’s bust. At the same time they create an illusion of augmented cleavage and increased bust size because of their special design.

Self adhesive bras are commonly available with polyurethane cups. They are a rubber-like material and have a natural feel to it. The texture resembles actual breasts and it is flexible when worn. Polyurethane cups blend easily with the contours of a woman’s bust. These cups are lined with silicone which adheres to the skin. Adhesive bras with these cups are known to be highly comfortable as they feel like a part of your body. These cups are smooth and since there is no fabric they are seamless. They cannot be seen under any backless or strapless outfits.

If a bra has a plunge style, its main purpose is to create an illusion of larger breasts. Because of the low neckline of the bra, the depression between the breasts is visible and it also separates the breasts. As the bra lifts the bust, it creates an image of deeper cleavage. Self adhesive bras come with plunging styles so that they can be worn under tops or dresses with low necklines. Regular adhesive bras come with closure which can be detected; however with a plunge style they are totally invisible. They are highly stylish and an essential for most trendy women as enhanced cleavage definitely improves the overall look of a designer outfit.

Women who are always on the move and also like to party a lot may prefer innerwear which is comfortable and weightless. With lightweight cups they can party all night long, run and work with perfect ease. Self adhesive bras with these cups are made of lightweight foam. The outer cups are lined with fabric, while the inner cups contain the adhesive. Silicone cups adhere to the skin and the foam cups stay invisible. Generally nylon, spandex, and microfiber are used to cover the foam so that the cups look satin-smooth and seamless. Lightweight foam cups allow the inclusion of straps which can be worn and removed according to convenience.

Push up bras provides support to a woman’s bust. Underwire is the main reason breasts get a lift and gets rid of sagging. This style has been incorporated in self adhesive bras so that women get invisible support for their bust. In addition to support, the bra creates an illusion of large breasts and ample cleavage because of the lift. Push-up self adhesive bras are ideal for women with small and medium sized women who need bust and cleavage enhancement.