Sexy Wedding Gown

Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty have something in common besides being beautiful. Each of them had her own gown! A fairy tale is not complete without a princess with her gown and a prince charming waiting to give her everything and to fight for her against witches and dragons if needed.

The beauty of a woman can be highlighted by a gown. In modern times, there are no longer horse-drawn carriages, except maybe in select places in London and the United States. There may not be fairy godmothers willing to give poor Cinderellas few hours of fame. But there will never be a dearth of beautiful ladies who can captivate the hearts of hundreds of princes.

The gown may no longer be a part of the daily lives of ladies but we still see a number of celebrities and well known ladies wearing a gown or two during concerts, award nights, and special ceremonies. Even young ladies wear gowns during proms, graduations and pageants. Through these years, the power of the gown in highlighting a woman’s beauty has not yet diminished.

A gown seems to possess a magical power granted by the godmother that can make a woman’s face become more radiant with beauty. The gown may reflect and catch particles of light and colors and keep them. It can also highlight the curves and the shape of a woman and hide the not so desirable aspects of the body. The gown reveals while at the same time conceals the best features of a woman.

When a wedding gown conceals the best features of a woman, it becomes an invitation for searching and for discovery. The world may have changed since the time of the fairies, yet women like princesses still have the power to captivate men and princes. A woman donning a gown in the right place at the right time may expect to find a prince looking at her full of love.