Silicone Breast Enhancers

Silicone breast enhancers are products which enhance a woman’s bust size. They are made of silicone gel with a polyurethane exterior and they fit over or under the breasts. They are ideal for women who are unhappy with their bust size and wish to increase them by a size or two. Those who shied away from wearing bikinis and swim suits can now simply insert these enhancers inside and feel confident about their new figure. Because of their natural shape and color they feel like second skin. You need not feel the least bit awkward while wearing them.

Silicone breast enhancers can be worn by women of all ages and professions. One need not wear them only under swim wear, but also under office wear like blouses, dresses etc, party tops and below casual t shirts. The smooth texture of the enhancers blends easily with the shape of your body. In this way you need not feel conscious of their presence so that you can go about your work as if nothing has changed. At the same time, people will notice there’s something different about you. You can smile to yourself in secret pleasure.

In order to ensure a good fit, you need to have a bra of the right size. The main aim here is to prevent them from getting displaced. The right bra will even let you work out even while wearing breast enhancers. Make sure your enhancers do not spill out of the bra. Because of the tapered design of silicone breast enhancers, they generally fit easily. In case you have opted for a larger size, it is best to wear a bra underwear with a slightly larger cup size than yours. This will keep the inserts in place and you can wear them all day long. However they should be completely hidden inside the bra if you wish to get a totally smooth and seamless look. Also your bra must be able to bear the weight of breast enhancers. So make sure your bra is strong and secure.

The best way to wear silicone breast enhancers is read the instructions first. Stand in front of the mirror and place the enhancers curved side up between your breasts and bra. Breast enhancers have a concave side that fit over your breasts naturally and comfortably. Adjust the enhancers accordingly to a position which feels the most natural and comfortable. Also, the heaviest portion of the breast enhancers must rest close to the under band of your bra.

Silicone breast enhancers also create cleavage and provide a lift to your breasts. The secret lies in the way you position them in your bra. For cleavage enhancement choose enhancers that sit on the outer curve of your breasts. Place them on the lower-outer side of your breasts, between your bust and your bra. Adjust for desired results. For a push up image, you need enhancers that fit under the natural curve of your breasts. Follow the same instructions and make necessary adjustments for the right boost.