Water sports like surfing and body boarding are very popular and attracting many more, particularly in the Pacific region. This article is about the surf wear, the most essential body protection wear needed in such activities.

The Pacific sea has the draw back of lower temperature, peaking at around 70 degrees, that is less by about 20 degrees of our normal body temperature. The seawater subjects our body to a lower temperature posing serious health problems and the sand particle in it creates an abrasion to the skin. This sensitizes our skin and cause itching or burning sensation. Both these can harm us and hence an advice to wear appropriate, surfwear to eliminate them.

The Pacific Ocean’s low temperatures can lead to illnesses like pneumonia and skin problems, if you expose yourself to sea water without protection. To maintain body temperature and to avoid the abrasive effects of sand particles, Surfing Wetsuit is the best bet. These suits prevent your skin from the constant rubbing of sand particles by covering the body. Otherwise, the fatal combination of a sensitized skin and the UV rays of the sun, can lead to serious consequences. The using of a Surfing wetsuit offers you a two-pronged protection by shielding you from both these effects.

In essence, a surfing wetsuit has become compulsory clothing for all water sportsmen/women. Realizing its importance and demand, many brands have displayed their wetsuits and selling them like hot cakes. Buy yourself a proper surfing wetsuit and enjoy your exciting affair with the ocean waters safely.