The swimsuit, as the name suggests, is an exclusively designed apparel to meet the functionality in comfort with an aura of fashion to it. It comes in many designs and clothing to suit the varying body structures of the wearers. They come in a spectrum colors, ranging from dull to bright, light to dark. They also come in varied sizes of prints and stripes. One has to exercise enough care while choosing the colors, or patterns, as these play a vital role in accentuating or suppressing the body forms.

As for the swimsuit designs, they are available in a vast range from a complete torso covering to all exposing, thin strips criss-crossing the body barely covering the nipples and genitals, just to stay out from attracting the nudity law. However, each of this pairs well only with a certain type of physical structure of the wearer. You have to keep this in mind before opting for a particular type of swimsuit.

The patterns are available in one piece comfortable Bikinis to two-piece nano bikinis. Most of the later types are used more as fashion beachwear, often for tanning sessions rather than for serious swimming times. Professionals prefer a full torso covering versions for the firm support they offer to the body and minimize the exposure of body to the bad effects of chlorinated water of pools and saltwater of the sea.

To meet the requirements of a swimsuit like UV resistance and chlorine resistance, special materials like lycra, spandex are employed to provide a snug fit to the body with some amount of stretch property to make it comfortable for the user.