Sunday Best Dress

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Most people would say that you should dress up in your Sunday best if you go to a party or you go to a formal gathering. Well, the concept of a Sunday-best dress seems to have gone with the ages. Today, most people would use any kind of clothing that they like wearing on Sundays.

Using a dress seems to be have been relegated by most female to the dustbins of history, especially those that belong to the middle and lower classes of the society. They now favor wearing jeans and trousers, which can somehow still be differentiated by those worn by males.

The dress, however, is still popular in formal wear, especially during proms or weddings. In these occasions, females feel attractive, sexy, and formal by wearing a dress. Beauty pageants such as the Ms. America and Ms. Universe also showcase the beauty of a dress worn by a woman. During cocktails, coronations, and formal or semiformal dinners, the dress can greatly contribute to the smart and sassy look of a woman.

Some women may feel encumbered by the dress, especially, if the weather is windy or if they have to climb a ladder or perform activities that might require moving around. Also, depending on the norms of the society, there are different kinds of responses to the way that a woman wears a dress.

For a woman, however, who wants to exude confidence and class, wearing a dress can become a very effective fashion statement. In the work place, wearing a dress may be complemented by a suit and other accessories. If you notice, women of power may choose a dress that suits them well because of the formality and the sense of power that they help create.

If you want to appear smart and appear powerful, you may start wearing a dress instead of the usual denims and jeans. It is not about the kind of clothing that a woman may or may not wear. Rather, it is about using a dress that can exude confidence.