Lingerie Care Tips

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Caring for your lingerie is important if you don’t want to spend on new lingerie after a few wears. It is important not to simply throw the lingerie into the wash with other clothes as the different types of styles as well as fabrics require special care. It may be best if you hand wash the lingerie or use light cleaning in a washing machine and clean the lingerie by itself without any other accompanying clothes.

Make sure that the detergent you use to wash lingerie is of a mild nature and also use fabric softeners to ensure that the delicate material does not get damaged. If your lingerie happens to be of an expensive nature it may even be advisable to dry clean such items. It is also important that you follow the cleaning instructions on the labels on your lingerie, and also try and avoid washing the lingerie too often as it could shorten the life of the item.

Lingerie made from synthetics such as polyester as well as rayon require especially careful handling due to their delicate nature, and are best cared for by washing in warm water with mild detergent in a sink. Most lingerie items that have padding or wires in them should be washed infrequently to prolong their life.

When you dry the lingerie make sure that the heat level is very low and do not dry for more than fifteen to twenty minutes, while line drying may also be preferable. Care should also be taken that the lingerie does not shrink as the lingerie will not only lose its shape but also become un-wearable. With a little extra care, there is no reason why the care of your lingerie should be a matter of concern. Treated rightly, you might be able to wear the lingerie longer and thus save money on not having to purchase new lingerie every so often.


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One of the most nightwear lingerie types out there is the babydoll lingerie. This lingerie is a sleeveless, loose fit nightgown for women. This lingerie is made out of formed cups with an attached loose skirt that falls around the hip area. The baby doll lingerie is usually made up of lace, ruffles, bows, and ribbons. These make the lingerie look more appealing and attractive. Normally, panties are worn underneath the baby doll lingerie.

You may be wondering, where did the name babydoll come from anyway? Such a cute and petite name fits this type of lingerie. The name baby doll has several origins. One of the more popular origins of the name came from the actual dresses that are worn by infants. This gown for infants is short so that changing diapers would be an easy task. Women enjoy wearing these baby doll outfits because they make them feel very comfortable during sleep. Another origin of the name baby doll has been claimed to be from the movie Baby Doll in 1956. This movie starred Carroll Baker and basically made the type of lingerie popular from then on.

Although the gowns worn by infants are very different from the gown worn from a full grown woman, the baby doll lingerie still retains its name. Babydoll lingerie is considered to be one of the more erotic types of underwear for women. Most baby doll lingerie fully exposes the legs of a woman and is considered to be very inviting for the opposite sex. Other baby doll outfits show the breasts of a woman or sometimes slightly reveal it so that it can have that tease factor.

Baby doll outfits have been around since the 1950’s. Through the years, the baby doll lingerie has developed. There are several vintage baby doll outfits for sale nowadays and they symbolize sexuality through the years. During the 1990’s, these baby doll lingerie types became a fad known as the kinder whore fad. They became popular through grunge music performers like Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland.

Baby doll lingerie is one of the more comfortable lingerie for a woman. It can be worn while sleeping, during the wee hours of the night, and some baby doll outfits can even be worn outside the house. The baby doll lingerie is certainly one of the more popular choices of lingerie for women today. They are both comfortable and attractive at the same time.

Agent Provocateur Designer Lingerie Brand

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Agent Provocateur is a lingerie brand that is well known in the United Kingdom. The company has stores in thirteen countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and Canada. Their first shop was opened in London at Broadwick Street in 1994.

Agent Provocateur has been known to push the limits of lingerie advertising. Their advertising campaigns are known to be highly provocative and are normally banned in certain countries. They always try to have sexual innuendos when they advertise which causes them to get into a lot of trouble. Their models include Kylie Minogue, Paris Hilton, and Carmen Electra. These models are known to be very provocative. They can send messages of sexuality without them talking at all.

The advertising campaigns of Agent Provocateur are very creative and unconventional. They do not go main stream like everyone else. You’ll see their ads mostly on the internet, in catalogues, and in cinemas.

Why does this brand get so much heat from the press and why does it always get flagged? You’ll have to understand the philosophy behind their brand in order to realize why they always get into trouble for their advertisements. The Agent Provocateur vision is to avoid British prudery that categorizes anything to do with sex as sleazy or smutty. The goal of Agent Provocateur was to develop high quality designer lingerie that will stimulate, enchant, and arouse those that wear them and their partners. Agent Provocateur believes that this is a positive sexuality and there is nothing wrong with it. Of course, many conservative British people will attest to this. Even people around the world will say something about this too.

Agent Provocateur tries to separate the mass experience versus the personal experience. They believe in the intimacy of the sexual act versus those market forces that commercialize it. They try to personalize the woman and make her experience something intimate with her man. Agent Provocateur is definitely one brand that you would want to try out. If you believe in intimacy and hate that run off the mill experience then maybe you should start ordering Agent Provocateur products over the internet already.

The Agent Provocateur Brand was made by Joseph Corre and Serena Rees. In 2007, Corre was honoured for his services to the fashion industry but controversially rejected it in response to Tony Blair’s actions towards Iraq. Aside from the lingerie brand of Agent Provocateur, they have expanded to other items like fragrances and other beauty products.

Bra Sale

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In this era of online shopping, one can buy almost every thing sitting in the comfort of one’s home. Naturally, buying a bra is no exception. There are numerous online shops for bras. Of these, the Victoria’s Secret and La Senza are fairly well known.

Although the pricing of bras are a little on the higher side at Victoria’s Secret, you can get good bargains during the semi annual sales. For example, a bra that normally costs about $50 is sold with big discounts of up to 50% during the semi annual sales. The semi annual sale is also offered through their chain of stores. The selection range is quite large at its online shop. Another advantage that you will have is that the online semi annual sale starts a month before the store sales commence.

The specialty of the Victoria Secret is, you are updated about new products range, pricing, promotional events etc well in advance of the actual event. All you need to do is to register your e-mail address with them. Another highlight is the promotional codes offered on their web site carrying special discounts in the range of 10-20 %, thus saving you money while shopping on line. So, do not forget to look for that beneficial promotion codes on their site.

La Senza, the other well known online shop, offers you highly competitive range of products and pricing, but does not have any stores in the US. The prices of its products are a lot cheaper compared to the Victoria’s. Online shopping is a lot of fun. Indulge and enjoy the bra sale offers.

Bra Sale

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Coral Axami bra with deep pink ribbon across the bust of this beauty, gently laced trim embroidered with a white flower pattern. This item is a spring must, along with the matching thong panty to complete this spring look. Bra sale offers with promotions and discounts!

Function of the Bra

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There has been a very long debate going on regarding the role of bra underwear in women. One side says that bra lingerie plays an important role in supporting breasts. They say that if you do not wear bras then there will be greater chances that your breasts will sag or droop earlier than normal. On the other hand of this long debated topic, there are those that say that bras are not necessary in order to prevent the sagging or drooping of the breasts. They say that it is biologically impossible to prevent the sagging and drooping of the breasts. In time, all women will experience sagging or drooping of the breasts and the only way to correct this is through plastic surgery.

The people who believe that bra is necessary to prevent sagging have several arguments to support their belief. They say that bras prevent gravity from acting on the breasts at full force. They say that with bras, the forces of gravity are put on hold. Since the weight of the breasts will act on how they are attached to the whole body, the lesser support it has means that there will be more downward force against the attachment. More force separating the attachment of the breasts will cause more and more stress on them. Imagine jogging without a bra. More force will go downward and there will be less support for the attachment of the breasts to the body. This lack of support will cause the breasts to sag or droop in the long run.

Those that believe that bra lingerie is unnecessary argue that breasts were fine even before the invention of the bra itself. Sagging or drooping is a natural occurrence and whether you wear a bra or not, your breasts will really sag or droop because of age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. There is no way to stop the sagging and drooping of the breasts. It is only through plastic surgery that these ageing effects can be reversed. Aside from that, breasts will always sag whether you wear a bra or not.

The decision to wear a bra or not is up to you. There are studies that show that there are no dramatic effects on sagging or drooping breasts for women who didn’t wear a bra. There are also studies that show that bras can actually help in the prevention of drooping or sagging of the breasts. At the end of the day, it is really up to you to decide which side you’ll take.

Move Freely With Racerback Bras

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There are different kinds of bras today that will fit your needs. Lingerie companies have created different designs that will match your clothing and the activity you want to go through. It is very important to know what type bra is needed for a specific clothing and for a specific activity. This, in order for any female to undergo the daily grind with ease and comfort.

Among the bras used by active women today are the racerback bras. A racerback bra is most described as a back silhouette, which curves in between the shoulder blades. A woman who often engages in fitness or sports activities is the one who usually takes the advantage of using this kind of bra. Racerback bras differ on other bras in terms of design. They may look like ordinary bras when looked from the front point of view. However, when you look at them from the back point of view, you will see the difference. Unlike ordinary bras, racerback bras offer good support for your breast especially if you are the type who usually engages in movement activities namely sports, aerobics and running. Though a racerback bra is a must-have to pair with a racerback tank, manufacturers nowadays have created them in such a way that they do not require anyone to wear racerback tanks. Now, they look more like sports top attires. You often see women wearing these on the streets doing some jogging and some stretching. They are even worn by dancers today while having their dance practice.

Virtually anyone, really, can wear a racerback bra. If you feel that you need something that will give you enough support for your breast, confidence and the freedom to move, then you can go wear a racerback bra underwear. Find one that provides comfort and ease of movement.

Babydolls For The Sexy Yet Innocent

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People often hear the term “nightgowns” or “nightwear” from women who love to wear lingerie. Nightgowns are usually loose forms of dresses designed to be worn in bed by women. The length of a night gown varies from hip length to floor length but it’s typically knee length. Those that are of hip length are what you call babydolls. This term was taken from the 1956 movie “Baby Doll”, where a certain character lied down on a crib wearing the one now called “babydoll” lingerie.

Babydoll is one type of sexy lingerie that flatters almost every figure, from the full-bodied woman to the petite, usually with matching panties which is often thongs or g-strings. Babydolls are often trimmed with lace, ruffles, bows and ribbons and some even have spaghetti straps. They are made from fabrics like nylon or chiffon or silk.

Almost all of the women today love the babydoll style of lingerie. Anyone can wear a babydoll, it does not know any age nor size. The benefits it gives you cannot be compared to any other types of lingerie. Women absolutely adore the feel and look which drives any man wild. Seeing you so sexy, seductive and tempting yet so cute in a babydoll lingerie will probably make your partner adore you more. It combines the curves of a woman’s body with the look of innocence that comes from a doll. This what makes a babydoll lingerie popular to all. It has been in fashion for over 50 years and until now, it’s becoming more and more popular especially among the young ones.

Choosing the style of babydoll will, of course, depend on how conservative or open you are. Some ladies want their babydoll to be more revealing like those that are made from see through fabrics. Some women prefer it to be more covered up with lace and ruffles.

To sum it up, it really depends on how you would want to look in front of your man. Ergo, choose something that will make your man go crazy over you!

The Wonders of Strapless Bras

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The innovation of the bra has been based on how the trends of clothes have been changing in style for the past few decades. In relation to these artistic designs of clothes, companies and manufacturers developed a kind of undergarment that will match especially the needs of females all around the globe. Since sleeveless, strapless tops and dresses are very common clothing pieces nowadays, it is then good to know what kind of bra you will need to choose that will also match your type of clothing.

Strapless bras are the kinds of bras without straps at all. Some of them may also have removable straps. These are ideal when wearing strapless tops. Before, people used to wear strapless tops but they did not wear strapless bra (most probably because they either do not know that strapless bras are already out in the market or these were not available just yet). You will likely notice the strap of the bra on one of their shoulders and such just does not look good at all. Although you can use a stylish strap to make it appear like it’s the strap of your dress but wouldn’t you think it would be nicer if you could emphasize your strapless top by not revealing any strap? You will definitely look more glamorous and alluring if you can show your shoulders free from any straps. This makes a strapless bra very useful not only for your daily needs but most especially for very special occasions such as weddings. Because women like wearing strapless wearing gowns, strapless bras can then be the best choice to wear as lingerie.

There are many kinds of strapless bras which will make you feel secure and give you enough confidence in wearing your strapless and backless fashionable clothes.

Choosing Your Wacoal Bra

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The bra is a woman’s undergarment worn to support the breast. It has been very useful for ladies in many aspects most specifically before wearing any top. A bra helps to create a good shape of a woman’s breast. This depends, of course, on the type of bra you use. There are different kinds of bra that fit your taste. Bras made by Wacoal are some of the simplest yet effective kinds in the market today.

Wacoal bras are ideal for daily use since these are more comfortable and have good quality construction. Though this type of bra doesn’t require too much design, it is still important to choose the right one for you. In choosing a Wacoal bra, make sure that you choose the proper size that fits you. It would not make you feel comfortable if you wear too loose or too tight bras so it is necessary to take note of your size. Also, take into consideration your lifestyle, body type and the kind of clothes you usually wear before choosing a Wacoal bra underwear.

Today, Wacoal bras have been innovated to meet your needs. There are pretty few Wacoal bra styles which are commonly used by ladies. Contour bras, soft cup bras, underwire bras etc are just few of the different Wacoal bra styles. However, most of the ladies today choose to have those what you call Convertible bras. They are very useful because you can use them regardless of the kind of clothes you wear. The convertibility of this style comes from the way which allows you to remove or change the position of your strap. For instance, if you are the type who uses wear strapless dress, then all you have to do is remove the strap. Actress Natasha Richardson sings the praises of Wacoal bras because accordingly, it gives her lots of benefits such as good fit.

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