Tankinis The Best Choice for Teenage Girls

Many reasons make the tankinis one of the best swimsuits for teenagers. The main reason is the fashion angle of it. The tankinis with the advantage of a two-piece outfit clubbed with the coverage that one can get with an one-piece bikini wins easily on other designs. The combination of the top and bottom pieces can be either complimenting or contrasting in plain colors and prints to suit individual’s need.

It is available in halter, criss-cross or a plain tank version. The tankini comes in Lycra, Spandex, or Nylon and a cotton version for those having allergic reaction for synthetic fabrics, a rare occurrence. The Lycra and Spandex with stretch character, helps in achieving a snug fit for size variations in breast comfortably and support the breasts. It hangs loose, below the bust line enabling to hide the tummy bulge and the pigmented skin, rashes etc, which no one likes to expose.

The Lycra, spandex or nylon fabric used for the tankinis repels water and dries up quickly reducing the chances of catching a cold. The stretch character of such a suit lasts longer, comfortably accommodating the fast growth of the teen girls. It does not lose color like a cotton suit does. They, also protect the wearer from the ill-effects of chlorine, seawater and importantly from UV rays from sun.

Now, a parent need not think of any alternative to a tankini for her beloved daughter, as the tankini offers all advantages one can desire in a swimwear.