The Corsets

The corset lingerie is the predecessor of the modern day bra. A corset is basically an undergarment that is used to shape a woman’s torso to fit the ideal aesthetic shape of a woman. Some men wear corsets but mainly for medical reasons. This is used to straighten the back. Nowadays, the corset has evolved already. They are worn mainly for vanity or fashion purposes. They are a testament to the gothic style of dressing.

The word corset came from the French word cors which was derived from the Latin corpus, meaning body. The use of the word corset came in widespread use during the late seventeen hundreds.

Corsets can be made out of several mediums. They can be made out of cloth, lace, or leather. The supportive part of the corset is made out of the stronger material like steel or whalebone. This supportive part of the corset is normally referred to as the boning of the corset. You’ll notice the similarities of the modern day bra and the classic corset when you look at the boning.

Corsets have many uses. Corsets can be used for medical purposes. People that have spinal problems like scoliosis may be required to wear a corset in order to correct their posture. Those who got into an accident and injured their spine may also be required to wear a corset for therapeutic purposes.

Corsets can be used as a fashion accessory or as a main fashion garment. Corsets can be used to slim down one’s figure in order to fit the ideal mould or shape. Two main types of fashion corsets are the over bust corset and the under bust corset. The over bust corset covers the whole torso. It starts from just under the arms all the way to the hips. The under bust corset starts under the breasts and goes all the way down to the hips. Some corsets are actually the main fashion garment worn by women. These are usually tailor made for the woman. Some tailors like Corsetiere make these custom corsets for women.

Corsets can be used as an entertainment or fetish medium. A lot of people find corset lingerie as attractive. People use this in order to gain more pleasure during sex or to stimulate the whole foreplay experience. Corsets can certainly improve the aesthetics of a woman and can certainly arouse the imagination of their partners.

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