The Lingerie You Wear Matters

Lingerie is defined as a fashionable undergarment that women wear. According to the English dictionary, though, these do not include the made-in-cotton undergarments commonly worn.

A woman’s choice of lingerie is believed to be affected by how she feels and is also reflective of what she is as a person. There is one underlying reason though for all women in their choice of lingerie, and that is to feel good about one’s body and look sexy. What kind of lingerie a woman wears at night when she has a partner who sleeps beside her, will also speak of her desires. Is she tired and all set for a good, undisturbed night sleep to wrap up her day? Is she ready for a great night filled with excitement?  Depending on her moods, she can try to lure her partner to join her in a night of joy by wearing her most seductive, sexually appealing lingerie, or try not to attract her attention by putting on her old bra and panty underneath a color-faded negligee she has worn for years and years. 

Comfort is also one factor considered by women when they choose their undergarments.  Older women’s choice of panties would be the type that goes up to the waist. This also is the choice of fat women with bulges to hide. The younger generation women would typically choose to wear bikinis.  Bras would be push-up types for those who want to show some cleavage up there, regardless of whether one is not so well endowed or lucky enough to be blessed and “filled-up”

So what type of lingerie do different kinds of women wear? A fashionable woman wears branded and signature underwear no matter what design. A conservative woman is not concerned about designs and brands for as long as decency is employed.  An erotic woman would wear anything that would show more of her assets.

One can safely say then that women should be careful of what is worn underneath their clothes! The lingerie pieces they wear can reveal something about them.