Vicrotia’s Secret Adhesive Bras

A Victoria’s Secret woman has an edge over others. This leading lingerie brand offers quality innerwear to suit all outfits for just about any occasion. The adhesives and shapers collection includes an attractive range of backless and strapless bras. The brand understands that only with an appealing figure will an outfit look complete.

U Plunge backless push up bra: This adhesive bra has basically three main features. First, it has a u-plunge neckline. It is the perfect underwear option for low-cut party tops. Secondly, it is a push-up bra which provides an attractive lift and a complement your outfit with a becoming cleavage. Third, it is a backless bra. Underwire cups and clear adhesive side tabs keep your bust secure and make sure the fit is perfect. This Victoria’s Secret adhesive bra has a corset-like design in the front ensuring the wearer’s comfort under the most plunging necklines. This bra is available in sizes A to D.

Invisible uplift bra: This adhesive bra will not let your bust sag even a bit. The bra has transparent cups lined with domestic silicone which adheres to your skin. Simultaneously with Infinity Edge®, there’s a slim chance of lines or curves that can be seen under form-fitting dresses. A seamless finish is definitely a polished look. The Invisible uplift bra’s cups are held together by a front closure clasp. The support and lift are derived from here. The clasp provides your bust with a dramatic lift and completes you with a seductive figure. This Victoria’s Secret adhesive bra is available in A, B and C cup sizes.

Invisible demi bra: This bra has imported polyurethane cups that add up to a full cup size. The invisible demi bra has just cups and nothing else. Available in sizes B, C, D and DD, this Victoria’s Secret adhesive bra will provide the right amount of coverage. At the same time, the adhesive cups ensure that your bust will be well-supported and secure.

Invisible Push up bra: The Invisible push up bra by Victoria’s Secret is an adhesive bra which offers the most coveted feature – push-up. This feature is a must have for most prom dresses, designer gowns and strapless outfits. A push up bra which stays hidden under clothes and that is backless and strapless too is a dream come true for most young ladies and women of today. What’s more, this bra can be worn up to 100 times. This bra is available in A, B and C sizes.

Push up bra: This adhesive bra by Victoria’s Secret has three special aspects. Push up feature, underwire support, and adhesive side tabs. To look 100 per cent attractive in a designer outfit, you need to have a great figure. A push up bra enhances your bust by providing an attractive lift. At the same time, underwire plays a major role especially if your bra is backless and strapless. You will feel secure and confident in your dress. Also if you do not want to worry about your bra staying up, side tabs with adhesive will do that job perfectly.