Victorian Corsets

Victorian corsets were items of underwear that every woman wore beneath her flowing gowns, and was most widely used around the eighteenth century. It was instrumental in giving women of that era better shape to their bodies. The body with the corset looked much like a cone that not only lifted up the bosom, but also made for a very flat front.

The following century saw the corset stay relatively unchanged, but the bosom was still given prominence while the waist was made to look like an hour glass. These Victorian corsets also had to be laced on the back so that the proper amount of tightness could be imparted to the figure of the wearer, and this gave rise to the term “tight lacing”. Such tight laced Victorian corsets also came with hooks and they had eyes in the front to be able to easily remove the corset.

Victorian women were used to wearing their Victorian corsets over chemise made from cotton which was not close to the skin. These corsets were worn by women, children as well as by girls. The aim of young girls, when they wore corsets, was to learn what the proper posture was.

Victorian corsets were available in a number of colors that included grays, blacks, whites, and creams as well as reds. Everything about the Victorian corset was targeted at making the ladies of that era look prim as well as proper while allowing for their bodies to give off understated elegance and poise.

The Victorian and Edwardian era corsets can now be purchased as well as customized to suit individual requirements and sizes in leather as well as suede, though there have been voices raised against the possible health damage that the corsets that have an ‘S’ shape can have on a woman’s health.