Vollers Corsets

Corsets were first worn by women in the 2nd Millenium BC. Cretans of the Minoan Bronze Age wore them as an outer garment with the purpose of tightening the torso and pushing up their breast to improve their body shape. It is believed that Minoan men also used them.

Nowadays, corsets are still being worn by women for the same purpose. Corsets, however, have not only continued to improve the look of a woman’s, and even a man’s body, but have evolved to become a fashionable piece of wear. A lot of celebrities including Pop star Jamilia and Kyle Minogue; and even men like Richard O’Brien and Dennis Van Outen love to wear corsets not only in reel but also in real life.

Vollers Corsets is one company who has incessantly continued to manufacture and market their traditionally made corsets since 1899 in Portsmouth, UK. They have wide range of high quality and authentically styled overbust and underbust corset lines to suit the varying taste of its customers worldwide. They also have an array of colors and fabric to choose from. They have corsets in fabrics of satin, Chinese silk, velvet and even leather elegantly sewn.

The Vollers Corsets company prides itself of being able to provide a service it calls made-to-measure. A customer can specify the fabric and color, then she can choose the design from the “The CollectionVollers Corsets,” a beautiful hard bound catalogue showing the exquisite beauty of the Vollers Corsets line. The customer should then provide her measurement details to the company and her corset will be delivered to her door promptly at an agreed time.

In terms of price, Vollers Corsets offers the most reasonable and affordable prices in the world and will continue to dominate the corsets market in years to come.