What color of lingerie suits a woman most?

Women usually are very clear in their minds regarding the type of lingerie they wish to wear, and know their size, but may be rather uncertain about which color suits them best. Knowing a color that shows her off to best effect is not as simple as choosing just a favorite color. It should be something that matches her skin tone, color of the eyes, hair and may require picking something that has an X-factor as well.

The first thing a woman should do when choosing a color for her lingerie is to try and find something that shows off her skin color the best. It is normal for her to choose a color close to her skin color so one finds light skinned women choosing pastel colors while those with darker skins go in for brighter colors. Another consideration a woman needs to take into account is the color of her eyes and hair, and in this regard reds as well as royal purples are especially outstanding.

Sometimes special occasions require colors that evoke romantic thoughts, and women need to find a style as well as kind of lingerie that best suits special moments in her life. There are many types of lingerie that include different kinds of bras and panties, teddies, g-strings as well as sexy nightwear to think about. The ideal lingerie would be one that makes a woman look most comfortable and also sexy.

A rule of thumb for choosing an appropriate lingerie color for different hair colors is choosing pastel colors for blonde hair and dark colors like red, jewel blue, and other dark shades for brunettes. Redheads would look best in rich blues and other earthy and dark colors. The bottom line is that black lingerie suits just about every woman.

Besides the right lingerie color, there is also printed lingerie to think about, and there are many prints to choose from. Plain or printed lingerie will send out different messages, and passion can be best emphasized with fluffy cloud prints while plain colored lingerie can speak volumes about sophistication and sensuality.