Women’s Sexy Lingerie

A notable aspect of women’s panties is the attraction it holds for the opposite sex who are almost always obsessed with trying to get into them. Women’s bodies are somehow thought of as being slightly less than pristine clean, which is an end result of thinking in which the woman is both glorified as a sexual object and reviled for her femininity. Towards this end, sexy lingerie is a means by which women play on a man’s objectification of herself as a sex object.

The imagination of the male can often run riot in what he fantasizes a woman is wearing beneath her clothes. Women obviously would like to encourage this train of thought by wearing clothes that not only are suggestive, but also revealing. Often, panties are so central to a man’s way of thinking about a woman in sexual terms that it can render the rest of her body as being of no value at all.

Panties are often what irresponsible males attack most often, and are objects most abused by rapists as well as other sexual predators. Women need to question such a way of thinking in men rather than help men go further along this coarse way of thinking. There are millions being spent by the lingerie industry in propagating just such objectification of women through their panty designs that the problem often gets out of hand.

Panties are made in such a way as to reveal a flattened tummy, a rounded buttock as well as bras that help in rising of the breasts – all fit to whet the sexual appetite and arouse desire in men. There is so much money spent on other aspects of sexual arousal including see-through lingerie, sheer items, extra-tight fitting lingerie and more that women are indeed in danger of becoming mere sex objects in the eyes of men.

There may thus be a case in advising women to choose lingerie on the basis of sturdiness and suitability rather than just pure sexuality.